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4 min readJan 16, 2021

ATTN Market is officially launched, also named Antasy


Antasy is the industry’s leading professional NFT smart contract platform, supporting ERC20, 721 and 1155 asset protocols, using the StarkExchange transaction engine and architecting the Ethernet Layer 2 asset circulation module to meet users’ needs related to NFT circulation such as buying, selling and auctioning; significantly increasing the transaction scale and realizing low-cost transactions. In the future, it will carry NFT scale transactions to avoid network congestion and embarrassment of transaction costs. Later Antasy plans to gradually expand DEX, DeFi, NFT mining function.

Positioned in the NFT Ebay, Antasy is committed to building the world’s largest NFT circulation ecology. The platform launched blind box, card flip, gift pool and other NFT mini-games to cultivate user habits and popularize the concept of NFT through rich and interesting gameplay; let more users hold NFT assets for free through lottery, and then start the first NFT transaction in their lives on the platform to accumulate user pool and expand liquidity.

This Antasy launch is 1.0 beta, open for players to register and use.

Antasy currently develops several functional segments: Dutch auction, English auction, bundle sale, blind box game, NFT card game, crypto gift pool and several other major functions.

Dutch Auction

Sellers can set an initial price, an ending price and a duration in which the seller’s auctioned equipment will drop in price as time passes until the end, which will drop to the ending price set by the seller at the beginning until a buyer accepts your price and buys it.

English Auction

Before the auction, the seller can set a reserve price and a limited time, the buyer’s bid price must be higher than this reserve price, within the limited time, the highest bidder will get the crypto assets auctioned by the seller.

Bundled Sales

Items sold on Antasy are not only sold individually, but also support bundle sales. Take the game NFT as an example: the bundle can be different items from the same game or assets from different games.

Blind Box Games

Antasy offers two types of NFT blind box play.

//Puzzle Blind Box

The high playability of the blind puzzle box, the “sense of surprise” of opening the box and the “sense of achievement” of collecting the hidden pieces give players instant satisfaction.

/ / Constellation and co-branded blind box

Twelve zodiac signs blind together as the theme, you can choose your own direct game, at the same time will invite to other areas concerned about the blockchain track, joint game CP / club, artists, special custom NFT co-branded model blind box, to create a new trend of blockchain cross-border. Each blind box is of different value, see the official website announcement for details on how to get one.

NFT Card Game

NFT cards are issued by mainstream blockchain projects, one of which has a code that hides one or more bitcoins.

Cryptographic Gift Pool

Antasy allows users to send custom NFT gifts to their friends, allows multiple people to pool funds to send gifts, and allows users to create gift pools on the platform and customize the gifts they add.

NFT is limited by the low performance and high cost of blockchain network, which makes it difficult to carry a high-frequency scale market, not to mention going to the masses and being accepted by ordinary users. The ethereum ecology is also facing such problems and always seeking solutions.

Antasy is the most simple and effective technical solution to make infrastructure for the future.

PC and mobile games have low liquidity of built-in prop trading, limited exchange and trading channels, and high dependence of users on the platform. On-chain games are more conducive to safe and convenient transactions. All game assets are open and transparent. The assets are completely personal assets of users. With the development of on-chain NFT, game ecology, crypto art market and NFT financial derivatives credentials, the underlying technology is improving, the circulation mode is convenient, the ownership is personalized, the issuance is open and transparent, and the development is community-oriented, all of which will change the model of NFT industry. there is a good reason for the explosive growth of NFT, and Antasy is preparing for the future.

This time, Antasy is connected to the Huobi Eco Chain(Heco), which heralds a high level of cooperation with Huobi, and is also preparing for a good NFT cross-chain smart contract, while cooperating with more quality partners in the future.



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