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6 min readJan 30, 2021

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Antasy is the first cross-chain compatible decentralized NFT smart contract platform that meets the needs of users to create, deploy, trade and manage NFT assets, and is committed to building the world’s largest NFT circulation ecosystem.

Antasy Official Website

Metamask installation (login to purchase NFT artwork and games require the use of the Metamask sign in)

Open link

After completing the installation, you can log on to the Antasy website to purchase your favorite NFT artwork and play blind boxes and puzzles freely.

1.Sign In — Connect Wallet

As shown in the picture, click Sign In in the upper right corner to sign in and connect to your wallet.

click Sign In in the upper right corner to sign in and connect to your wallet

Authorize to complete the sign in process.

After verifying the user’s signature and checking the signature of the user’s access to the account, the sign-in process is successful.

2.Network — Switching Main Chain

After signing in to the Antasy platform, users can select the main chain they want to interact with. The platform provides three main chains, which are Ether, Binance Smart Chain, and Huobi Eco Chain.

Click on Network

Select the main chain you want to interact with on the screen

3. Purchase a Collection — Buyout Transaction

Open the artwork you want to buy and click the buy now button.

Enter the quantity you want to buy in the pop-up box

Click ‘confirm purchase’ to purchase, then use the smart contract, confirm the amount and the gas fee, and click ‘confirm’, wait for on-chain confirmation to complete the purchase.

4. Purchase a Collection — Bidding

Before bidding, select the artwork you want to trade, enter the artwork details, and click the ‘Bidding’ button in the details window.

Fill in the pop-up box with the price you want to bid, the price must be higher than the current bid price

Enter the price and click the ‘Submit bid’ button. After checking the amount of metals and gas fees, click Confirm and wait for the confirmation from the chain to complete the auction.

5. Create Collections

When you apply to be an artist, you can create your own artwork on the My Center page.

Click Create a collection.

Upload a picture on the creation screen, enter the artwork name, description, and amount of artwork to be minted.

Then Click Build a collection

After clicking to call the contract, the platform will require authorization from the user, who will then be able to authorize the platform with the purchase and sale of artworks. When authorization is successful, the artwork is created and added to the My Center collection after it is confirmed on the chain.

6.Sale of collection

Once an artist has created his or her own collection and wants to sell it on the platform, he or she needs to list it in market. First, select the collection you want to list in the My Center and click Sale of collection in the details section.

Upload the NFT artwork on the Create page, enter the artwork name, description, and quantity, and then click Build a collection, and the collection will be successfully listed after the signature is completed.

7. BlindBox game

Click BlindBox to enter the blind box game page

Click Open Blind Box button

Select the payment token type and click Confirm to complete the payment to open the blind box

8. Puzzle game

Click Puzzle to enter the puzzle page

Click Buy Now to enter the purchase page of each edition of the puzzle

Purchase the puzzle you like, use the smart contract, confirm the amount of money and the gas fee, and then click Confirm to complete the purchase.

After the purchase is complete, you can view the purchased puzzle in the top right corner of My puzzle

Enter the My puzzle page, click Start Game to start the puzzle game, complete the game to draw a prize


Click ATTNSWAP to enter the cross-chain function page

Select the chain you want to exchange token from, (example: ETH for Heco)

Click EXCHANGE when you have finished

The system will call Metamask and user have to wait for the chain confirmation to complete the exchange


Antasy has many other features to be explored,

You can discover them during use.

If you have any questions, please contact the official customer service.



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