ATTN 2.0 Upgrade: Facing the Storm, Living Up to Expectations

ATTN is a digital ecosystem platform for eSports games based on blockchain technology, featuring a variety of popular, self-designed PVP games. Migrating up the chain with tens of millions of active users, ATTN is the ultimate system to integrate all of the business practices in gaming industry, which is committed to creating a closed loop network ecology with the core goal of maximizing the gaming eSports IP value.

ATTN Ecology includes eight business sectors, consisting of PVP Game Platform, Guild Platform, Live Broadcast Platform, Anti-addiction Platform, Distribution Platform, Trusted Game Digital Asset Trading Platform, ATTN Mall, Dimension Pocket.

As a utility token, ATTN token is the general equivalent in the whole ecological network. Through ATTN Token, e-commerce assets can be digitized and smart contracts can be exchanged. ATTN Token can be used in various scenarios in the ecology. At the same time, it is also the connector of eight blocks in series to achieve positive governance of the ATTN ecosystem.

With the successive favorable capital side, the project has accelerated the pace of head exchange layout.

Over the past period of time, through the joint efforts of the game development, business and eSports event teams, ATTN has made new progress in various aspects such as access to copyrighted games and live streaming platforms, the launch of self-developed games, outreach preparations for teams and tournaments, integration of offline commercial resources in ATTN Mall, and innovation of the token economy model, based on which, in mid-July, the ATTN platform made 2.0 Upgrade.

PVP gaming platform exploded at the beginning of the year due to COVID-19, and the number of users and game assets traded rose rapidly. Thanks to capital and institutional interest, the ATTN has gained influence since its inception that most projects do not have.

As many hot projects in the blockchain community, projects attracting attention and traffic will inevitably be under attack from false or inaccurate statements.

Although these voices are very few, the philosophy of the ATTN project team is to have a positive and open attitude to listen and categorize valid suggestions on various priorities in an effort to make more people understand, support and enjoy the project. There is also agreement within the team that it is essential for all parties to monitor and correct the development of the platform to help it develop in a healthy and positive way.

Beyond that, what is more important is the constant self-breaking and iterative rebuilding.

ATTN’s eight business sectors are a relatively complex ecology that requires the collaboration of all participants in the game industry, so the project owner needs a little more time to test and improve the platform experience, design the economic model, and find a landing point for the true value of ATTN tokens.

Just as Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed in order to polish the game and live up to its players, the ATTN project has been delayed this time in hopes of making a difference for its followers and leading the rise in the market.

We will take a refined inventory of the core content of this ATTN Project 2.0 upgrade. After you reading it, we believe that you will have a more systematic and deeper understanding of ATTN Project.

As originally planned, ATTN will be officially launched in the head exchange at the end of July, providing users, communities and investors with access to ATTN’s digital assets.

At that time, the sectors including PVP Game Platform, Live Streaming Platform, Anti-addiction Platform, and Dimension Pocket ran smoothly and had good momentum, but the landing scene and profitable business of sectors including Guild Platform, Distribution Platform, Trusted Game Digital Asset Trading Platform, ATTN Mall had not yet matured.

Looking back at the moment, it is clear that the project underestimated the speed of YY Voice user migration, as well as the ability of PVP games and live streaming business, and underestimated the team’s efficiency in promoting access to tournaments and CPs (game developers) — to strengthen the weak business sector, ATTN 2.0 has found a proven business solution.

The team has therefore decided to slow down the pace and make steady progress to further strengthen the ATTN token value support system before being listed on the head exchange.

PVP Game Platform is an official DAPP independently designed and developed by the ATTN team. It is also one of the largest traffic entrances and core business sectors of the ATTN ecosystem.

All game players will be connected through the PVP game platform, and the game CP will also complete user access through it.

With the global eSports market growing rapidly, ATTN research team found that 33% of gamers not only want to watch the professionals, but would rather compete so that playing the game would not only be relaxing or pleasurable, but also rewarding and ranking, just like the professionals.

So with the 2.0 upgrade, the project developed a new ‘Entertainment Hall’ feature on the PVP gaming platform that allows regular players to challenge their opponents and win bounties anytime, anywhere: from playing games and watching live broadcasts, to competing to win bounties and supporting teams, to guessing and commercial sponsorships, forming a diverse business model.

The casino incorporates an ATTN token incentive mechanism that expands the circulation scenario while at the same time, through the use of Oracles (prophecy machines), players’ funds are processed and settled by a decentralized smart contract without the need to trust a third party to monitor the outcome of the game and the funds.

The prevalent strategy and card games were applied directly to the blockchain, self-developed by ATTN.

The top-level design of this game is similar to “Hearthstone”. Players are able to recruit a majority of powerful heroes in the game to build their own unique set around the theme of their classes and fight against other players. It has rapid pace in gameplay and easy, vivid way in card battle. Moreover, there are plenty of original core moves and skills for players to discover and develop.

It has become the top traffic application of the ATTN ecology with the backing of the number of players involving in the recent game events, the number of live viewers, the speed of the ranking change of the players, and the popularity of guild champions.

In order to continue this advantage, ATTN2.0 has a new self-developed PVP action game called “Bomberman”, where two (or more) players place bombs on the map with the ultimate goal of blowing up all opponents. The User Interface of the game is very exquisite, the players have their own cute images and can buy skins in game store.

First, the arithmetic mining.

ATTN introduces a certain degree of controlled “inflation” — arithmetic mining — in order to quickly expand the circulating disk of tokens and unleash the potential of the project.

Functionally, arithmetic mining is the bottom level governance mechanism of the ATTN economic model.

Its function is to allow more players or CPs (game developers) to actively participate in PVP games, eSports games, live rewards, game distribution, (CPs) uploading new games, and other businesses to build the platform together.

It Includes but not limits to logging in, signing in, playing games, playing games, trading trusted game assets, CP distribution, developing games, player promotion, guild support… and so on. All these actions will generate computing power, which can be used to mine ATTN token and earn daily mining rewards.

Next, Staking.

As opposed to the “inflationary” effect of arithmetic mining, Staking has a lock-in effect.

ATTN token is the hub of the platform’s eight business sectors, just as ETH is used for transferring funds, ATTN tokens are just needed for circulation, so both value investors and platform users will hold a certain number of ATTN tokens. Therefore, the introduction of the ATTN economic model into the Staking mechanism can be described as a waterfall — to bring into play the benefits of holding coins/locking positions to generate interest, so that the holders of the coins can obtain the currency-based income.

Every token holder can operate on the ATTN platform with one click, earning additional income safely and steadily by pledging tokens, with a variety of lock-in period options and funds flowing in and out.

All in all, from expanding liquidity pool to reducing liquidity volume, Staking is the key mechanism for the ATTN economic model to quickly switch from inflation to deflation. Based on the collision of supply and demand in the market, new energy is generated. During the whole process of “switching” advances, it is close to the process of extreme deflation, and also the process of continuous release of good news.

Based on the current state of the guild, the 2.0 upgrade is designed with different types of activities/events, including:

  1. There are different types of recreational civil wars on a regular basis, with no restriction on the number of participants from any account, and ATTN tokens for continuous participation in screenshots.
  2. Look for people with similar rank and experienced to communicate regularly.
  3. The streamers will host regularly activities, only open to the players who contribute an order of magnitude or more to the guild.
  4. Guild civil wars will be held once a month, only for guild members, and for contributions of a certain order of magnitude, with generous ATTN tokens.

Eventually, from attracting visitors to the guild to stabilizing players, it will be realized to build a solid pool of users for the ATTN ecosystem.

In September, the project will also invite famous professional players to host challenges, charity tournaments and live broadcasts on ATTN platform, as well as tournaments with regional meetups, clubs and leagues.

ATTN Live Broadcast Platform features high-definition and smooth game/event live streaming, pop-ups, rewards, gift packs and interactive functions, and is synchronized with data from game developers and tournament organizers to provide comprehensive and accurate tournament information, allowing players to grasp the first-hand schedule and tournament conditions anytime and anywhere.

With this 2.0 upgrade, ATTN will also position the Live Broadcast Platform as a connector for the eSports ecosystem. It has deep cooperation with professional tournaments, providing ATTN users with a one-stop next-generation mobile platform based on its integration of PVP original games and many mainstream game resources with a user base of hundreds of millions, such as PUBG, League of Legends, Dota, Strike of Kings, Fortnite, Clash Royale, and many other mainstream of game resources with hundreds of millions users.

Players are now very accustomed to trading various items from their favorite games online. ATTN team has taken full advantage of its deep industry roots to establish partnerships with a number of traditional eSports clubs to create exclusive digital collections and limited-edition game items for their star eSports players.

The cooperation will be launched in September, when the club will use ATTN Mall to give ATTN users targeted collectibles (items) that can be used in the game. Fans who receive the club’s limited edition digital collectibles will have the option to store them in their ATTN Dimensional Pocket (account) or sell them on the ATTN Trusted Game Digital Asset Trading Platform.

In the short term, the new business expanded by the 2.0 upgrade will become a quality entrance for the entire project to attract eSports traffic, precipitate high-value (rare game items, limited peripherals, etc.) eSports IP merchandise transactions, and establish the credibility and brand influence of ATTN tokens; in the long term, ATTN tokens will target the real economy of eSports IP peripheral products and inject more value into it.

Final words

The real development of blockchain is the need to push back from real business scenarios.

All aspects that related to ATTN 2.0 upgrade , they have a commonality. Reinforced and enriched blockchain can really maximize the value of the business scenarios, access to more gaming industry brand resources, so that the project can not only create more value in the gaming field, but also feed its own technical framework, business and ecological development with enough business and sustainability resources.

Everyone has the right to chase wealth and dreams.

We have the right vision, and right starting point.

The more confident we are about the future, the more patient we are about the present.

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ATTN is a digital egaming ecological platform based on blockchain technology, and the ultimate system in eSports industry.