ATTN has reached a cooperation with GXChain in NFT and DeFi fields

On August 28, 2020, ATTN has reached an agreement with GXChain to fully cooperate in areas such as NFT and DeFi, and in the future ATTN will help GXChain’s exploration in the NFT field.

ATTN is a digital ecosystem platform for eSports games based on blockchain technology, featuring a variety of popular, self-designed NFT games. Migrating up the chain with tens of millions of active users, ATTN is the ultimate system to integrate all of the business practices in gaming industry, which is committed to creating a closed loop network ecology with the core goal of maximizing the gaming eSports IP value.

GXChain, GXChain is a blockchain platform for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value.
Benefiting from DPoS based Graphene underlying architecture, GXChain possesses functions including G-ID, GVM, BaaS and Blockcity, which are convenient for application development. GXChain based DApp-Blockcity has more than two million verified users and provides abundant data for other DApps and strategic partners. GXChain launched decentralized data marketplace as well which is serving hundreds of Chinese enterprises. GXChain team independently developed its main net and launched it in June 2017. On August 11, 2020, a prophecy machine based on trusted computing — GXC-Oracle and a cross-chain relay — GXC-Relay were announced. GXChain 2.0, which will use DeFi to reconfigure the public chain economic model, is a further step in the exploration of DeFi and NFT with ATTN.

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ATTN is a digital egaming ecological platform based on blockchain technology, and the ultimate system in eSports industry.