ATTN-Top Capital Favorites ep.3: Demystifying Investment Opportunities

As time passes, the cryptocurrency market is slowly moving from savagery and madness to rationality and maturity.

If implementation, ecosystem, and profitability are the ones that make ATTN fundamentally bullish and the project advanced, the following five trending value points, will demystify ATTN token, which will most likely be your largest opportunity in 2020.

With the online PVP gaming platform + hundreds of offline eSports tournaments/guild support/competitions/live streaming, ATTN is bound to bring surprises in 2020.

01 Super Traffic Pool + Self-Held Explosive Games

In the era of blockchain, there are both opportunities and challenges, which may be the common status quo of every new track.

In the case of ATTN, the killer feature why it can go faster than everyone else on the new track is — the initial 10 million players pool.

In the gaming industry, players are the hard resource of hard resources.

ATTN has been working in the industry for 7 years and has a number of self-designed PVP games, one of which is a hit — the strategy card game. It has become the top application of the ATTN ecosystem with the backing of the number of players involving in the recent game events, the number of live viewers, the speed of the ranking change of the players, and the popularity of guild heroes.

Skipping straight to a cold start, ATTN migrated up the chain with a super-sized traffic pool, leaving other contenders far behind.

02 Big Ecological Value + Deflationary Model

The project has formed a multi-party linkage of ATTN ecosystem with large scale, relying on seven core businesses, including PVP game platform, guild platform, live broadcast platform, anti-addiction platform, distribution platform, credible game digital asset trading platform, ATTN Mall, dimensional pocket.

In the ATTN ecosystem, platform (business sector) can rely on each other, either individually supported or collaborating in groups. On the one hand, it supports the ATTN ecosystem’s strong landing power, and on the other hand, it’s an open growth model, which is conducive to the Ecological growth and a positive cycle of sustainable profitability.

Since the formation of the whole ATTN ecological economic value depends on the profitability of the eight business sectors, ATTN tokens will become the only equity proof in the whole system, which is a real application-type Token. Also it can get fully involved in all sectors of the ATTN ecosystem and is uniquely competitive in terms of liquidity and deflation.

With the development of participation of game, events, team, guild, streamer, players and CP, it will bring good prospects for practical scenarios, ecological scale and demand and consumption of tokens. This will lead to an increase in the true value of the ATTN tokens, thus ensuring a sustained and steady increase in the earnings of the player’s token-holder value investors.

At the same time, a part of ATTN ecosystem’s profits will be used to buy back the tokens and destroy them in proportion to maintain the tokens’ circulation remaining in deflation.

Generally speaking, ATTN tokens create an incremental market that can be built out, and as long as the ATTN ecosystem keeps getting bigger, then The market value of the tokens will grow, and thus all holders of the tokens will be able to benefit in a real, sustainable and maximized way.

03 Highly Sensitive Market + Initiative Seized

The figure shows that in 2018, the traditional gaming industry was about $220 billion in top-ups, but the transaction size was only around 20 billion, less than one tenth of a billion.

On the other hand, looking at blockchain games, let’s count DAPP as a game, the recharge amount in 2018 was just under 1 billion, but the transaction size is in the tens of billions.

Looking at eSports in contrast, players are afraid and reluctant to trade because they have not addressed the liquidity and security of their assets, and once these issues are resolved, we will have a huge market.

Blockchain + eSports + tournaments + live streaming + virtual asset trading as a trending hotspot sector, once they are successful, the value is immeasurable.

Based on ATTN’s openness, with each business sector accessing traditional live game platforms and many mainstream game resources on a user base of hundreds of millions, and after in-depth cooperation with professional eSports tournaments such as QGC and TGA, as well as landing more business scenarios, it is expected that the overall market size will exceed 10 billion in the next three years.

The market is usually extremely sensitive to feedback from projects that are hot prospects for such trends.

Coupled with the fact that ATTN currently has few mature direct competitors, most projects are in their infancy and slow to get off the ground.

ATTN has already launched three major products such as eSports games, team tournaments, and live rewards, and has gotten ahead of the game by deriving multiple business models around it such as entertainment halls, game asset trading, tournaments (live, bonus, and guessing), player trading, commercial sponsorship, content selling, and guild/fan economy.

04 ‘Jumbo Whale’ Volume + No Premium Risk

The game is born with “digital currency”.

From bullet types and lives, diamonds, coins, and treasure, to equipment and experience, everything is related to “digital currency”.

There is a strong correlation between the “digital currency” properties of eSports and the token properties of the blockchain.

Therefore, gaming is an industry that can be landed relatively quickly and quantifiably.

Gamers who are familiar with “digital currency” have a high degree of understanding and acceptance of Token, in other words, the number of potential currency-holding users are large.

If the ATTN can use effective methods to guide these players to focus on the project and become coin holders, the buzz and the bottoming out of the currency is undoubtedly huge.

However, even for those ‘jumbo whale’ projects, paying too high a premium for a purchase not only makes it difficult to make money, but even means a huge risk.

The so-called star projects indicate that their “value” must have been widely recognized by the market, and must be largely reflected in the “currency” price, which is often overvalued.

In the future, as ATTN tokens continue to be listed on the top exchanges, there will be a large number of media exposures, and the enthusiasm for the project will also be greatly enhanced in the future.

So for the fledgling ATTN tokens, we all still have time and opportunity.

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