Blockchain Plus eSports, What Happens Next?

On June 30th, 2020, IOST officially made a strategic investment in ATTN, the world’s first digital ecological platform for eSports games, and will join hands with ATTN to explore the application of blockchain technology in the field of eSports, developing the chain game ecosystem together to create high-quality games on chain.

ATTN is a digital ecological platform of eSports based on blockchain technology, with a variety of self-designed Popular PVP games, carrying player pools, CP pools, traffic pools, anchor pools to the chain, to create a closed-loop network with the core goal of maximizing the IP value.

Previously, ATTN has been invested by K42 and Consensus Labs. K42, as an OK strategic cooperation and investment institution, is committed to provide consulting services, technical support and financial backing to help potential entrepreneurs and teams grow in the blockchain industry.

IOST X ATTN: Exploring blockchain technology in eSports field

As one of the four major public chains, IOST attaches great importance to chain game development. Different from other public chains, IOST hopes to work with quality teams to build more truly playable and quality chains, and to provide them with the best technical, marketing, and marketing support as well as a full range of professional support in media, community, and DApp operations.

As the underlying technology infrastructure in the chain, IOST employs a rapid iterative approach better suited to the logic of the game JavaScript language, and flexible data storage and interaction via JSON. In addition, IOST’s developer documentation and developer tools are also very complete. Compared to traditional mainstream public chains, which cannot upload complex logic, IOST is more friendly to game developers.

ATTN, as the world’s first digital ecological platform for eSports games, has a wealth of resource advantages in terms of traditional gamers, content providers, traffic pool, and broadcasters.

In the eSports field, ATTN owns an ace team — EVOS eSport.

Evos eSport is a league of legends team launched in May 2017. Since then, the team has recruited some former members of Saigon Jokers, as well as two former members of the MSI from Brazil, Stark(topsolo) and Slay(ADC). The Vietnamese team made a splash during the 2018 VCS Spring Split, finishing first with a 12–2 record. Then, in 2019, EVOS showed their ability to the full extent in the new season, winning against the powerful GAM and becoming the latest Vietnamese team in the whole world.

In terms of blockchain game project development, ATTN strives to break down the barriers between blockchain games and traditional games, taking the best from traditional games and incorporating them into the design of blockchain games to create more distinctive and playable globalized chain games. It will contain the advantages including rich gameplay of traditional games, improved systems, lower user experience thresholds and quick blockchain games spread. At the same time, relying on its rich traditional resource advantages, ATTN will bring more fresh blood to the chain ecosystem.

This time, IOST has made a strategic investment in ATTN and will jointly explore the direction of blockchain landing applications in the field of gaming. In the future, ATTN will support IOST chain development in all aspects and work with IOST to build a boutique chain ecosystem together.

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ATTN is a digital egaming ecological platform based on blockchain technology, and the ultimate system in eSports industry.