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IOST announces strategic investment in ATTN, they will collaborate deeply in the blockchain gaming field.

IOST announced a strategic investment in ATTN.

IOST is a blockchain application platform developed by online service providers backed by top global investment institutions including Sequoia, Matrix Partners, and Zenith. After launch of MainNet, IOST has officially become one of the world’s top 4 DApp public chain platforms in addition to Ethereum, EOS, and Tron.

ATTN is a digital ecological platform of eSports based on blockchain technology, with a variety of self-designed Popular PVP games, carrying player pools, CP pools, traffic pools, anchor pools to the chain, to create a closed-loop network with the core goal of maximizing the IP value.

Previously, ATTN has been invested by K42 — a strategic investment institution of OKEx, and Consensus Labs.

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ATTN is a digital egaming ecological platform based on blockchain technology, and the ultimate system in eSports industry.

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