【Flash News】ToDo Capital announces strategic investment in ATTN

ToDo Capital is the investment institution of ToDo Block, a leading blockchain investment incubator. Founded in 2017 in Australia, ToDo Capital focuses on project investment, project incubation, liquidity management and other businesses in blockchain field. Currently, ToDo Capital has invested in more than 30 high-quality blockchain projects and project provides liquidity management services for more than 20 of them.

ATTN is a digital ecosystem platform for eSports games based on blockchain technology, featuring a variety of popular, self-designed PVP games. Migrating up the chain with tens of millions of active users, ATTN is the ultimate system to integrate all of the business practices in gaming industry, which is committed to creating a closed loop network ecology with the core goal of maximizing the gaming eSports IP value.

Previously ATTN have already received funding from K42, which is OKEx’s strategic department, as well as NGC Ventures, Consensus Labs, IOST and Safest Strategy Service.

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