ATTN-Top Capital Favorites ep.2: Enters Golden Age

ATTN has certainly been very fortunate in the alternation of veterans and newcomers.

On the one hand, for the gaming/eSports industry, “upgrading anti-addiction systems” has undoubtedly been a hot topic in recent years, and there has been a long history of Insight’s ATTN has incorporated a gaming anti-addiction platform into its eight eco-businesses. With the help of blockchain distributed book technology, the user’s identification and anti-depression data are recorded on the chain to realize the centralized unification of anti-depression data for all games logged by young people; the matching face recognition function ensures the exact identity of users logging in to prevent borrowing or stealing other people’s identities to log in to games.

On the other hand, the PVP gaming platform exploded at the beginning of the year due to COVID-19, and the number of users and game assets traded rose rapidly. Thanks to capital and institutional interest, the ATTN has gained influence since its inception that most projects do not have, attracting more attention.

With the addition of institutional capital and resource momentum, the recent actions of the ATTN has focused on what sectors have been powered, and whether its tokens can lead the rise, carrying the expectations of investors, and then become a new energy to drive the overall market?

ATTN enters golden age

According to incomplete statistics, the global eSports gaming market value in 2017 reached $536 billion, of which the tournament + guessing market It is about $40 billion and is expected to increase to $82.7 billion in 2022.

Corresponding to such a huge market scale, the upstream, midstream and downstream chains of the gaming industry involve many participants or interests, which includes: players, clubs, game developers, guilds, peripheral practitioners, sponsors, brokers, media etc.

Based on this, the industry is in urgent need of a “crab eater” to standardize the “rules of the road”, promote the compliance process, break the constraints and monopoly and return benefits to all parts of the industry.

ATTN is willing to be the first to “eat the crab”.

To play the role of “Icebreaker” to stir the global gaming industry in the direction of transparency, fairness, anonymity, anti-monopoly and anti-bias. ATTN also opens the door for ordinary players to “dig for gold”, allowing more players to “dig for gold” while providing huge profits for all participants in the industry. Multiple people enjoy the dividends of the blockchain + eSports gaming wave, truly creating a myth of universal wealth in the new infrastructure era.

In fact, from the very beginning of the project, ATTN has a profound insight into the integration of the entire industry chain and the pass economy from the top-level design.

First of all, impletation.

The most practical, best landed, and most urgent application scenarios in blockchain + eSports are undoubtedly tournaments, virtual item trading, live streaming, and Quizzes and games to prevent addiction.

In the case of the tournament, six teams sued the organisers for failing to pay each team 3 million dollars during the CS:GO tournament ELEAGUE, which became a scandal.

Major international events cannot avoid this phenomenon, not mention numerous smaller events and non-professional events.

ATTN uses smart contracts to guarantee every match, taking down the most rigid landing scenario for blockchain + eSports. Players won’t need a third party to monitor the outcome of the match and their funds. The competition will also be more fair and impartial and will no longer rely on traditional money transfers, financial regulation and brokers, enabling to maintain the interests of players and the clubs.

In terms of virtual item trading, once cryptocurrencies are introduced to gaming platforms, the ease of transactions will be greatly improved.

Players can price and trade freely on Steam. From sets that cost thousands of dollars, to accessories that cost a few dollars or a few cents, trading is thriving, no less than other shopping platforms.

However, the revenue from the sale of virtual items by players may be less than 50% of the original pricing on Steam, if the buyer and seller use different currencies, additional foreign exchange charges are incurred.

ATTN targets Steam, builds trusted game digital asset trading platform based on token economy, improves incentives, recommendations, and auction system which allows each user to become a sales entity and be able to trade game accounts, substitute services and virtual items with a guarantee.

In terms of live streaming, one of the most gimmicky areas of the eSports industry is live gaming.

ATTN live streaming platform gathers big IP, big stars, influencers, and efficiently connects players/anchors and supporters based on blockchain technology. In addition, it is possible to use ATTN tokens to reward anchors in live broadcasts, with low thresholds, freedom and transparency, so that all people can interact and participate.

As for betting, tournament + betting is indeed a substantial market. TABCorp predicts that by 2020, with the growth of eSports broadcasting, the market size of the eSports betting industry is set to climb exponentially.

As we all know, the phenomenon of fake matches in the eSports betting industry is severe, and the results are usually controlled by bankers who know the inside story.

These opaque and unjust problems can be effectively broken through ATTN, and the credit mechanism of smart contracts ensures that nothing can influence the outcome, so it would be fairer, more open and more efficient to have tournament bidding at ATTN.

In terms of game anti-addiction, with the popularity of mobile Internet and smart devices in China, the scale of the game industry is expanding, and at the same time, it makes the game industry more efficient. Underage gaming addiction and overconsumption of games is also a serious problem.

Data silos are one of the root causes of the current unfavorable anti-addiction management of games. Although some gaming platforms already have anti-addiction systems in place, user online time between platforms is calculated independently and is not shared. As a direct consequence, teenage users can circumvent the anti-addiction system restrictions by installing a variety of games. Moreover, it is not known whether the anti-adulteration systems of gaming companies are fully compliant with the norms, which is completely untransparent.

ATTN anti-addiction platform with open features allows all gaming companies to record users’ online time on the same ledger and count it by day, which allows strict and accurate recording and control of the time youths log in to games. Government regulators and parents have access to data on the relevant chain and can take appropriate regulatory measures.

Secondly, ecosystem.

With any emerging technology, games are often the first scenarios where these technologies are put into practice.

Blockchain technology can be foreseen as the core technology for Web 3.0 value exchange, emphasizing the uniqueness and tradability of digital assets. It will bring more imagination and development dimension to the application of eSports games, especially to the design of the related economic system, which will certainly have a significant impact on the global economy. The video game industry is bringing disruption.

The most important thing is that most of the problems facing the gaming industry at this stage can potentially be solved by blockchain technology.

In ATTN ecosystem:

1) Players can get excellent game/entertainment experience and ATTN token through PVP game platform, guild platform and live broadcast platform.

2)Players can realize the purchase and sale of game props (assets, IP) and exchange legal currency liquidity through trusted game digital asset trading platform and dimension pocket.

3) Game CP can import user traffic through the standard access interface provided by the distribution platform to provide game services for global players.

(4) Gaming companies can keep a ledger record of user logins on the game’s anti-addiction platform, and parents have access to data on the relevant chain and can take appropriate regulatory measures.

(5) As a derivative part of the ATTN ecosystem, ATTN Mall is dedicated to building an online and offline eSports IP business. It will promote the distribution of high-quality game IP and the multi-state presentation of film, television, animation and other peripheral pan-entertainment fields, realizing the Maximum value of the game IP of eSports.


Ultimately, ATTN will provide the entire industry with a service that avoids centralized problems and ensures security, fast support, commercialization and gaming. The fairness of the process promotes the upgrading of the entire juggernaut.

At last, profitability.

The industry consensus is that eSports + games + betting industry is the largest traffic entrance, at the same time, the most profitable and the most mature operating mechanism.

ATTN’s marker is this world’s most lucrative market, which, on the one hand, can bring huge liquidity to the token; on the other hand enables the profitability of all business sectors not to be underestimated when confronted with the need for large amounts of liquidity, the anonymity, financial and payment properties of the pass economy.

The most important eSports gaming markets have been the most responsive to the digital currency pass economy, which has led to a coin-op where opportunities are fleeting. The benefits of ATTN are particularly evident.

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