ATTN-Top Capital Favorites ep.1: Hundreds eSports Tournaments Will Explode In Summer

eSports, the fastest growing project in the world.

In 2019, eSports and its surrounding users will reach 350 million and the market size will exceed 80 billion. In the U.S., eSports has surpassed hockey as one of the most popular sports in the U.S., and the total number of fans is about to overtake the NFL.

Blockchain is one of the most advanced and secure technologies mankind has ever built. The Internet has changed the game forever, but blockchain will go even further.

Once the eSports industry connects with blockchain technology and is able to achieve a full grounding, players will not only be able to experience the games bringing The thrill of the game also enables a fairer and more equitable gaming world with blockchain technology.

It is admitted that the business scene of the gaming industry, online, offline, there are opportunities everywhere, everywhere is gold, but to distinguish where is the Just demand, and where it is pseudo-demand, becomes the key for participants to gain a foothold in the industry.

Whether those platforms like Enjin, UG chain Dmarket, and Wax who wish to make corresponding improvements on trading in gaming assets, the market distribution and other aspects of the platform, or those like FirstBlood with smart contracts to cut into the game and clubs, or those like The Abyss Platform and Gameflip, which specializes in anchoring ICO’s game assets, they generally suffer from single functions, scarcity of traffic and weak profitability, and are unable to build a relatively perfect closed loop business, not to mention the so-called “ecology” and breaking the monopoly of traditional giants.

Due to that, there are no true head-to-head eSports digital king in this market right now.

While the market remained in the doldrums, ATTN came out with an all-in-one eco system that includes eight scenarios: Game Anti-addiction Platform, Distribution Platform, Trusted Game Digital Asset Trading Platform, ATTN Mall and Dimensional Pocket.

ATTN token is the general equivalent in the whole ecological network. Through it, e-commerce assets can be digitized,smart contracts can be exchanged,and it can be used in various scenarios in the ecology. At the same time, it is also the connector of eight blocks in series to achieve positive governance of the ATTN ecosystem.

Thus, an ultimate system for integrating all business practices in the gaming industry has come to the surface.

As the world’s first digital ecosystem platform for eSports games, ATTN has a variety of popular PvP games designed in-house.

The ATTN has been in the gaming industry since 2013, and has successfully operated a number of eSports clubs based on the deep development in the industry. Directly skipping the cold start, with tens of millions of active users and YY voice huge cumulative migration on the chain, ATTN has been widely recognized by industry insiders, and acquired huge attention from many top capitals.

In June, ATTN officially announced its first round of financing: it received co-investment from Consensus Labs and K42, and the scale of the financing is as follows millions of dollars and has now opened a second round of funding.

Among them, K42, as an OK strategic cooperation and investment institution, is committed to providing consulting services, technical support and financial backing to help potential entrepreneurs to grow in the blockchain industry.

The funding of the platform by top investment institutions is undoubtedly a strong endorsement of ATTN.

Following good news in capitals, ATTN will be listed in three top exchanges soon which will then bring ATTN to the new perks.

Stay tuned!

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ATTN is a digital egaming ecological platform based on blockchain technology, and the ultimate system in eSports industry.

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